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The Artists of 2018

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Mahtab Abdollahi

Acrylic / Mixed Media

Mahtab Abdollahi strives to fully explore her creativity, to experience the outer limits and push the boundaries of her artistic journey. As an artist who desires to excel in her craft, Mahtab uses a variety of mediums to express herself and achieve the right texture and feel in her work. The canvas is her playground where she embraces the joy of the creative process, where she delights in happy accidents and other unplanned surprises. Her artworks represent a passion and excitement that she has cherished and nourished, and arise from the many memories of the experience of life itself.

Mahtab graduated with honours in Graphic Design from George Brown College. She has a BA in Fine Art, and a MA in Illustration. In addition, she has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions, including the National Gallery of Canadian Drawings. She is also a board member of the Newmarket Group of Artists.

Carlo Allion


Carlo received his formal training in Fine Art, Philosophy, Mythology, and Photography at Centennial College in Toronto from 1978 to 1981.

A full-time Artist since 2008 with over 100 juried Art Exhibitions and Gallery representation Carlo has established himself as an accomplished mid-career Artist in the industry.

The subject matter in his work varies from Canadian Landscapes to Abstract and Figurative presented in a unique contemporary style.

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Robert Ball


I have lived in King since 1996. This is where my artistic career began. I have gone through many sculpture media including wood carving, stone, and for the last 6 years I have dived deep into Raku. I have taken years of training in Naples Florida when I am 'snow birding' in the winter.

I love the anticipation that comes with the colourful surprise that is the technique of raku. Each piece is unique with it's own character. I focus on faces in the form of masks for wall hanging or free standing sculpture.

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George Burt


George began wood turning in the late 1980's, making gifts for family and friends.

George's work has been sold through several galleries across Canada - from Jasper BC to Perth, Ontario. He has participated in many of the Ontario Craft Shows, including One-Of-A-Kind Show and Sale for ten successful and rewarding years. The vases have been sent or taken as gifts to all parts of the world, including Europe, Asia, Australia, Hawaii, the Oreint and USA - even to a Tibetan Monastery.

His love for the wood is evident. He loves saving the wood by creating beautiful objects that others can love and appreciate. Each piece unique, people who love wood, love his work. George uses a tag for every creation " This is made with the hope it provides you as much enjoyment as it did for me in its making".

CLAUSTRO - Carol Currie, painter and Stuart Leggett, sculptor


CLAUSTRO culminates the collaboration of husband and wife artists: painter, Carol Currie and sculptor, Stuart Leggett, and manifests artistic creations known as 'sculpted paintings'. Both self-taught artists, they have been working collaboratively and professionally full time for over 20 years. Their collaborative works have been highly sought after and commissioned for the last 10 years.

Their love of nature and adventurous trekking expeditions offer an interpretation of nature that has become synonymous with the pieces that they create.

Alexandra K. Conrad


Before I fully devoted myself to art, I graduated from different faculties but my last degree, with honours, from Ontario College of Art and Design is the most precious to me.

Besides doing fine arts, Alexandra is an illustrator and her medical illustrations were printed in numerous medical publications: books, lecture materials for University of Toronto and also American Medical Association Journals.

Alexandra's fine art paintings are mainly in oil and acrylic but she enjoys other media as well. Her subjects include portraits, landscapes, cityscapes, nature and abstracts and are expressed in vibrant colours with strongly accented brush strokes and thick application of paint. Alexandra particularly enjoys painting portraits in which she is focusing on the individual's gesture elements, which are the "soul of the person".

Alexandra's artworks are in private collections in Canada, Europe, Japan and Brazil.

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Aloel Cristal

Pottery / Wool

I have loved pottery my whole life, since I was a child, and always dreamt of learning to make my own beautiful pots and mugs and all sorts of dishes. My first tastes were influenced by Latvian traditional pottery, and my deepest appreciation and love still remain there. Later on I discovered Japanese traditional pottery, and that also stroke some very deep string within me. It felt very real, very connected to some essence of being, of nature, of elements... Since 2009 and until recent my passion for pottery has been my main focus, which is now shifting towards other natural materials, such as wool and silk. Now my main creative outlet is wet felting, with all of its incredible versatility and unlimited potential for development. No matter what avenue we choose, the main thread remains the same - we are in a process of self-discovery and self- mastery (at least this is true for me!).
Maryam Ebrahimi


Maryam Ebrahimi is a professional artist with over two decades of Fine Arts experience both as a selling artist and teacher. She graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Arts in 1997 and obtained a Graphic Arts Diploma in 1989. Maryam has participated in numerous solo and group exhibits in Canada and overseas.

Her favourite medium is acrylic paint. She is known for using vibrant colours and for her depth of layering. Her style is unique and engaging. Maryam teaches a variety of classes in watercolour pencil and acrylic to students of all ages and skill levels. She also prepares students applying to fine arts schools with their portfolio work and refinement of technique.

Debra Gibbs


I started on the Potters Wheel at age 16 learning with my students and then went on to graduate from Seneca College with a Visual Arts Instructor's Diploma in 1981. After successfully completing a four year apprenticeship with a Master Potter of FINE Porcelain, I continue to teach pottery in my studio and showroom, north of Toronto in Caledon.

I produce Wheel Thrown, Fine Porcelain dinnerware and gifts. My work shows in many galleries and stores including The McMichael Gallery Canadian Art Collection and The Art Gallery of Ontario. I participate in Trade and Contemporary Craft shows; through these shows I have won several awards of excellence for Master Quality Craftsmanship and Booth Design & Display.

I enjoy working with FINE Porcelain because of the physical purity and hardiness. Fine Porcelain has its' own qualities from the 'whiter than white - baby powder' feel to incredible strength and durability when kiln fired at very high temperatures. The colour effects create depth and textures which make us want to use and enjoy each piece.

Fine Porcelain is all about the natural relationship between 'true form' and the 'FINE' touch. It draws you close and exposes its honest beauty through everyday use.

The development of my pottery has always been with the desire to improve on style. Over the years, as my technique has become increasingly refined, I feel I've developed a clean and elegant look to the pieces in keeping with my overall view of simplicity in life.

Brigitte Granton


Brigitte Granton's passion for painting landscapes in acrylic and oil paint comes from her love of nature and education in the biological sciences. As a resident of King Township for much of her life, she is drawn to the woodlands, rolling hills and farms of the surrounding Oak Ridges Moraine as well as the rugged landscapes of the Parry Sound/Muskoka area.

While working in medical research and forensics, art was always a part of her life, and after raising a family, she was able to focus on painting full time. Over the years, Brigitte has taken numerous courses and workshops in oil and acrylic painting from various prominent artists.

Brigitte has participated and won awards in numerous juried art shows and her works are currently displayed on banners throughout King Township, publications of the North American Native Plant Society and in private collections and in corporations in Canada.

"Inspiration is everywhere. The countryside of Canada never disappoints!"

Karen Hunter


Karen's handcrafted jewellery is very colourful and fun. She works with Sterling Silver, semiprecious stones and Niobium, a very rare pure metal which is naturally hypoallergenic and when anodized produces a rainbow of colours. Karen graduated from the Design Department of the Ontario College of Art in 1985.

Ileen Kohn


Ileen Kohn, artist, seeks to capture the figure in movement, the spirit of a portrait, the beauty of landscapes and nostalgia of still life using oils, watercolour and charcoal.

Ileen trained with the Academy of Realist Art (formerly Michael John Angel Studios). She received further training in Figurative Painting at the Ontario College of Art, and Cartooning at George Brown College. Ileen teaches art at the high school level in Toronto; she accepts art and tutoring commissions.

Olena Lopatina


Olena Lopatina was born in Ukraine and graduated from the Academy of Art and Design with a Bachelor in Fine Arts Diploma. She moved to Canada in 1997and is now living in Stouffville, Ontario. After moving to Canada she attained a degree in Computer Graphic Design and Multimedia Web Design. She became an active artist in the community.

Her love of art came at an early age. The inspiration of nature - landscapes, waterscapes and floral became the themes of her paintings. As an intuitive painter she finds beauty in her surroundings and enjoys painting what inspires her, using oils to portray that beauty.

As a member of Richmond Hill Group of Artists (RHGA) she has participated in numerous solo and group art shows at Mill Pond Gallery.

Nothing is so perfect and so beautiful as nature. I have always been fascinated by harmony and beauty of nature. To study nature was always a source of great pleasure for me. My passion for nature is reflected in my painting. And much of my imagery I found just by opening my door, outside in the ever-changing landscape and in the garden. Inspired by nature I want the viewer to be able to feel like they are actually there. I want the viewer to fill like me every time they look at one of my paintings.

Jamie MacLean


I paint landscapes. I want/hope that the viewer will appreciate the emotion and energy of the paintings and that in turn will trigger a memory or a wish to be there. I have recently branched out from the traditional oil on canvas to the use of different substrates - aluminum, rusted steel and live edge wood and use those when the material will contribute to the feeling of the scene.

After a 30+ year career in engineering my creative passion for painting was rekindled through a seminar series about operating a consulting business. "if not now, when" became the phrase.

I am primarily self taught but have taken a few workshops in the Rockies and Algonquin Park.

Since then I have participated in 100+ shows varying from arts and crafts to the McMichael Art gallery to the Calgary Stampede Art auction plus a number of gallery shows. My work is in private and corporate hands in Canada, Australia, through out the US and in Europe.My work is also available in a few different galleries - the Loft (Thornbury), Paula White Diamond (Waterloo), Koyman (Ottawa), the Ethel Curry Gallery (Haliburton) and Arta in the Distillery (Toronto - at this point she is carrying my aluminum works)

Highlights include 4 years in the top ten seller list at the McMichael Gallery Autumn ArtSale and People's Choice awards at the TWAC/Artworld art show at the CNE for 2015, 2017.

I also sit on the board of the Artists Network.

Laura Mark

Mixed Media - Leather

It all kind of started by accident while idly fidgeting with a cool piece of glass-mounting hardware that someone had left on my desk.

Growing up with a father who is a custom muzzle loading rifle maker, complete with buckskin outfits, I was always exposed to the leather products that went along with his trade. One of his friends, a leathercrafter, made me a leather pencil case with my initials engraved on it. I had the coolest pencil case in school and I still have it!

One day, I was suddenly inspired to make myself a cool leather cuff using this piece of smooth, round, glass-mounting hardware. I went to my closet and found an old belt that was far too worn out to wear any longer and started chopping. I had some snaps and a setting kit from my various adventures in Halloween costume making, so I dragged them out and went to town on this cuff. I was quite impressed with the result, so I wore it to work the next day.

I received so many compliments on the cuff! One colleague even asked me where I had bought it. When I told her I made it myself, she asked if I could please make her one too. I happened to have another one of the pieces of glass-mounting hardware, so I did just that, and she purchased it from me. Then another colleague asked if I could make her something, too. And so this adventure began.

Robert McAffee


"Some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world are right here in Canada waiting to be discovered by those adventuresome enough to step off the beaten path. My challenge in life is to present Canada on canvas to the world. To assist each one who wishes to bring a dramatic Canadian landscape experience into their private space, at home or in the office."
Robert McAffee

"I have always had it in my blood, the desire to draw and paint". Any surface was fair game in the early years of Roberts's life. "I remember my mother shrieking from the dining room, when I arrived I could see that she had discovered my well crafted carving of my name into the surface of her cherished dining table, but she didn't seem to think it was such a nice piece of work!" Such was the beginning of Robert's long road through the creative arts and the constant rediscovery of new methods and mediums.

In 2007 Robert was given an oil painting kit which would dramatically change his life and the direction of his art. "Oil gave my painting power and texture, colours were richer and far more expressive." He explains. What followed was a succession of sales of his art that to the present time has exceeded over 300 original paintings.

Join Robert in his examination and celebration of beauty, colour and light as he steps off that beaten path.

Mary Morganelli


Mary's love of painting started in her early school years and in her teens she attend a few art courses. She took a break from her artistic talent to concentrate on her marriage, career and raising a family. After 40 years she decided to return to her passion of art and attended an art class to refresh her memory and history was made.

Painting gives her a feeling of peace and satisfaction. Her paintings are relaxing, peaceful, an expression of beauty, and inspirational. It touches her creative imagination of her visualization of a great world and takes you in a place of peace, tranquility and serenity. She expresses her ideas in the use of different mediums acrylic, watercolour, charcoal, ink, oil pastels. The realistic fine art painting begins from an individual photo and or multi photos perfectly composed to the right composition. With the use of imagination, colors, value, tone and texture along with an extra touch of expression her painting is created.

The Alzheimer Society has used her inspirational painting "Forget Not" for their Alzheimer Awareness campaign.

Hoda Nicholas

Oil, Acrylic

Hoda Nicholas is a Canadian artist born in Cairo, Egypt and currently living in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. Her journey with art started a long time ago with a passion for all expressions of art and everything beautiful. She is self taught through books, workshops, art classes, instructional videos and any opportunity she can get to learn and be mentored. She primarily paints in oil and "plays" with pastel and watercolour. She loves painting different subject from people, flowers, still life to abstract in vibrant expressive colours and bold brush strokes. Through her art, she intends to send a message of joy to the viewer's heart leading to an appreciation of the beauty that surrounds us. Hoda uses colors expressively and vibrantly to capture moments in time highlighting the beauty in a flower, a landscape, a pear or a child's face. She is after evoking a feeling rather than depicting an accurate representation of the subject allowing the viewer to interact with the paintings at a more emotional level.

The subject might vary but the end goal remains, invoking a sense of joy and beauty through each painting. Pursuing art is an ongoing journey for Hoda filled with excitement and anticipation of what each painting will bring forth.

Gaia Orion


Gaia sees the world as a harmonious geometric composition. Her work explores many archtypical themes about all aspects of life and refelect her interest in the interconnectedness of our lives with the elements and cycles of nature.

Sacred and ancient forms of art from various cultures throughout history have always Gaia. With beauty in their simplicity, their strong lines,vivid colours, the images transcend time through feel 'like they have always been here'. These images have the same power as the beauty we find in nature. The more connected we are with our own true nature and the natural world the greated harmony we feel.

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Dominick Petrungaro


Dominick Petrungaro began exploring his interest in photography and film as early as grade school and his photographs have appeared in Toronto newspapers and magazines. He specializes in portraiture, landscape, and architectural. He is also a freelance photographer whose work includes; Justin Trudeau's campaign trail in Ontario, Cadbury Canada, Parkinson Society Canada, Ashley's Angels, Sick Kids Hospital, Art World Fine Art,The Breast Cancer Society of Canada,

His style has been described as being abstract, and cinematic. His major influences in his artistic endeavours are from such renown Cinema directors as Federico Fellini, Orson Welles, Stanley Kubrick, Michelangelo Antonioni and Sergio Leon. Like these maverick artists, Dominick aspires to form a visual language in his art that renders unnecessary any explanations to plot, story or emotions.

Dominick has won numerous awards for his work including being the first and only photographer to win the 2010 'Best in Show' in the history of the Franklin Carmichael art Centre. In August of 2014, he won the 'Unexpected Rainbow' National contest hosted by Mocca (Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art) and Nikon Canada for his image, 'Azul'. He has also participated in the Contact Photography festival in May 2014, and 2015 at Artworld Fine Art in Etobicoke.

Dominick currently resides in Nobleton, Ontario and is a graduate of York University and Humber College.

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Silvia Phillips


Silvia has been creating in various forms throughout her professional and personal life. Mostly self taught, her favorite medium is oil.

Her paintings are her response to what she sees and feels around her, repeated in form and colour. Silvia was born in Germany and now makes her home in Schomberg ON .

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Lucy Quintero


"My passion for painting is rooted in nature and the fascination I have for light and shade. That has drawn me to paint through my senses to share what I'm feeling".

A native of Colombia, Lucy grew up enjoying the mountains and the tropical beaches where she found a great appreciation for nature. In high school she was interested in many forms of art and later, when she received a degree in Architecture, her passion for art focused on oil painting. After graduating, she attended private classes with different teachers and also participated in numerous workshops to improve the technique.

Although she is known for her depictions of landscapes and still life, Lucy's work is very diverse and includes a wide variety of subjects. Her richly colored style has afforded her the opportunity of showing her work in private collections and shows in Colombia and Canada. Now, living in Canada, she finds inspiration in the endless wonder of the seasons and the beautiful scenery that Canada offers

Anne Reimer

Oil and Watercolour

Anne Reimer's paintings show a remarkable sense of colour, love, and understanding of nature.

Her inspirations come from the beauty of area scenes and travels, depicting barns, mills, and capturing still life from her garden.

Anne was born in Paraguay, South America, and immigrated to Canada in 1955 at the age of 16. Her training has helped her gain much understanding of the fundamentals of art. Feeling a deep love for fine art, she has been inspired to perfect her technique in oil, watercolour, and mixed media.

Living in the Niagara area since she immigrated, she has married and raised a family of three children, and continues to be involved with grandchildren as the family grows. Over the past 25 years, she has exhibited in a variety of shows and galleries. Her works are displayed in many homes in Canada, the United States, and many other countries.

She spends many hours in her home studio, painting for shows and filling commissions, as well as teaching. Her love for art grows with each painting as she seeks to fulfill her ambition.

Michele Rose


Born just outside of London, England, in the beautiful rolling hills of Essex County, Michele Rose has been using her creative forces from the young age of ten. In 1982, she moved to Canada and studied at Ontario College of Art. Michele experimented with many styles and media throughout her post graduate years. She soon discovered her one true love, painting inspirational landscapes, florals and abstract works.

Her paintings depict the quaintness of Michele's homeland while celebrating the vastness of Canada's beauty. Her primary goal is to create peaceful, calming landscapes, into which the viewer can escape from the hectic demands of everyday life.

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Josée Savaria

Mixed Media

Formally trained as a graphic designer in Montréal, I subsequently discovered the tremendous liberation found in expressing my imagination and projecting my unique whimsical imagery on surfaces using the power of texture and colours. My current series of paintings concentrates on an exploration of the boundary between sea and land: the place where the terrestrial and marine realms meet. The beauty and power of the marine world profoundly move me, and its variety and mystery infuse me with a deep sense of awe.

I project my imagery in a bold colourful style using a variety of media and techniques which include acrylic paint, pencil crayon, block prints and ink and whatever medium strikes my fancy.

I hope that my work instils in you a small measure of the joy and wonder that I feel when marvelling at the natural world!

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Steve Silverman


A native of Toronto, Canada, Steve Silverman is an international award-winning, fine art photographer with a keen and unique artistic vision. His love and appreciation for black and white photography is reflected in his dramatic landscapes and engaging architectural cityscapes from across Canada.

Steve's photos represent a visual interpretation of his outer reality. He uses strong tonal contrast, texture and mood to express his artistic vision. His photos are easily recognized by his use of strong leading lines combined with the interplay of light and shadows to create depth, giving a two-dimensional image the illusion of three dimensions. Simply put, he can transform a simple, mundane scene into a compelling black & white fine art photograph.

Steve's photos have been published in many international books and magazines. He is also a guest speaker at local camera clubs.

Steve works in conjunction with several Canadian art galleries and publishers on a variety of corporate and home decor fine art projects. These include Kodiak Gallery, Denison Gallery, Liss Gallery, Select Art Gallery, Mima Fine Art Publishers, Out of the Blue Art Publishers and Laila's.

Devinder Singh


My name is Devinder Singh. I am 33 years old and have been interested in woodworking since I was a child. My father was a large influence in getting me interested in crafting bookshelves, carpentry skills. I also currently teach figure skating and have been involved in that for over 10 years. I was a former national competitive figure skater in singles and pairs and competed internationally representing Canada.

The last few years I have been very interested in working with solid hardwoods and constructing not only durable cutting boards, but ones with visual interest and elegant serving boards.

Holly Speers


Holly's passion for clay started 30 years ago when she joined The Richmond Hill Potters Guild. Since then, she has taken many workshops as well as attending George Brown College and The Koffler Centre for the Arts. Holly taught pottery to seniors for the North York Board of Education for eight years and at CACY (Caledon Art Camp) for five. She now creates wheel thrown functional pieces in her studio, inspired by her garden, pets and wild unruly property. Holly teaches classes in the studio in the spring and fall.

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Karola Steinbrecher


Karola Steinbrecher was born in Germany and now resides north of Toronto. She has been painting for over forty years and is primarily self-taught. She has exhibited in both group and solo shows, won awards for her work, and is a member of artist leagues both in Florida and Ontario.

Karola has a penchant for warm colours and can be detail oriented or abstract in her selection of subjects often presenting a familiar subject with unusual backgrounds. Her use of red hues are most obvious in her present work and she has recently moved to more abstract subject matter. Her pieces are lively and expressive, delivered in very intense colors, on simplified rich backgrounds. The work is very modern and contemporary and illustrates her versatility, particularly in her works of nature.

Karola has shown frequently in galleries, shows and exhibitions in North America and her art has been purchased to private and corporate collections in Canada, the U.S.A and Europe.

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Jane Stysinski


I grew up on a farm north of Belleville. Even as a child I had a passion for anything artistic. I especially showed an interest in working with oils. After I retired from 36 years of teaching, I finally fulfilled my dream and became involved in oil painting. I really enjoy painting landscapes. I prefer to work in a serene surrounding where I can totally immerse myself into my paintings.

Lynn Wilson


I love to paint flowers (both realistic and impressionist) and also paint abstract images combining both regular acrylic, mixed media and metallic acrylics including iridescents.

Some of the comments I've heard from customers is ... "a very strong presence" ... "would be quite complementary to modern and/or corporate spaces" .... and comments about my mixed media textured large pieces "they look like they are hard, metal sculpture yet are soft to the touch" .... "amazing, strong pieces"... "they make me happy when I look at them".

I am also into photography, especially in black and white. My favourites are close-up floral images and architectural pieces.

I had the opportunity of displaying my art at the Skylight Gallery at the Aurora Town Hall and display and sell both my paintings and my photography at local juried art shows, town festivals, restaurants and shops. I also do commissioned pieces and have had the pleasure of clients purchasing more than one of my pieces to display in their home.

Darlene Winfield


Darlene J. Winfield has traveled the world extensively and while living abroad spent time drawing and studying art and art history. Her passion to travel allowed her to visit some of the most important galleries and museums around the world. The joy of living abroad in Mexico and Indonesia has bought her to a new understanding of the world and our place in it.

The main focus of her art is the Canadian landscape done through representational painting. Landscape to her, represents our world, our responsibility.

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Tom Wray


Tom's medium is photography and his inspiration comes from outdoors.

He captures images of landscapes, waterscapes and flowers, turning them into compelling pictures that have an almost painterly quality about them - hence the name Images Photo Art.

When Tom takes a photograph, he thinks about composition, angle, light and atmosphere. The finished picture might be soft and dreamy, or bright and cheerful. His intention is to evoke an emotion; it might be calming, exciting or mysterious. Maybe it conjures the memory of a previous experience. And sometimes his images will pose the question "What is that?" provoking a sense of curiosity.

A number of Tom's pictures have been purchased by Southlake Hospital for their Cancer Centre, and he is one of the artists on their Legacy program. Artwork in the hospital follows themes of wellness and nature. The selected pieces benefit patients, their visitors and healthcare workers alike.

Tom can be seen at his home studio/gallery, the annual King Studio Tour and Schomberg Street Gallery.

Janna Kozoub

Oil, Soap & Sculpture

Janna Kozoub was born in Moscow, Russia, and came to Canada in the 90's. Moving to Canada gave her a unique vision that allows her to see the world from multi-cultural and multidimensional perspectives. Janna has three passions; nature, animals and art. All her impressions are reflected in her art. Her oil paintings cover a variety of subject matters; nature, human and animal portraits and, most importantly, human relationships.

Bill Lunshof


Born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1957, Bill grew up in a Dutch immigrant family and had an interest in the visual arts from an early age. Also an avid gardener and photographer Bill's art takes much of his inspiration from nature.

For the past five years Bill has been painting with a group of like minded artists at the Newmarket School of Fine Arts where he learned to paint in Acrylics. In the last two years Bill began painting in oils and experienced an 'aha' moment when he realized how much he enjoyed the ability to more easily blend colours and get the nuances of the natural world expressed on canvas.

Bill also loves to work with paper and explore the world of collage and multimedia. He prints and makes many of his own unique papers and blends these with other media and ink transfers for one-of-a-kind artworks.

Catharine Somerville


It's all about colour; Catharine Somerville has spent years developing a unique colour palette. She is a post graduate of Visual Arts Painting and Drawing at the University of Sussex and West Dean College in England. Her time is split between the UK and Canada, teaching and exhibiting internationally.

Cobbled Path Photography


Cobbled Path Photography is two guys who enjoy taking pictures off the beaten track. We've fallen into snow banks, been lunch for mosquitoes, stepped on nails, been covered in burrs and driven countless kilometers in search of interesting shots.

Our work includes sunrises and trees, clouds and water. Occasionally an animal or person will find our lenses. Our true passion, however, is urban exploration. Wikipedia, source of all knowledge, defines this as "the exploration of man-made structures, usually abandoned ruins or not usually seen components of the man-made environment". We take pride in leaving only our footprints behind, ensuring the site remains as we found it. Locations will not generally be identified.

Richard Amodeo and Kevin McBean approach photography from very different perspectives. If there is a picture of a barn, Rick likely took it. If there is a picture of the door handle of the barn, that one is likely Kevin’s. We put our work together for your consideration. "Cobbled" is defined as "making or composing hastily or clumsily". While our path is exactly that, we strive to demonstrate the end product is not.

We are based in the Greater Toronto Area and are very interested in finding properties to explore. If you can provide access to such property, we are very interested in hearing from you.

Local Colour Aurora

Oil & Acrylic

Local Colour Aurora is a locally-based group of artists promoting the awareness of visual artists in the Town of Aurora and York Region.

Michelle Hudson

Ink on Yupo Paper

Through my painting, I find the courage to let go of intentions, to break rules, and discover new techniques. With each piece, I am captured by the luminous colours of inks, which seem to bloom and roam luxuriously on Yupo paper.

I am motivated by working through a unique process for each ink painting. Often, my paintings grow organically, however, the idea is usually well thought out. My subjects can be a simple emotion, a memory, a loose Canadian seascape, or a landscape.

I strive to achieve work that is evocative, meditative, and can provoke emotion. I believe I am successful when I can achieve painterly beauty. Those artists that are brave in their intentions and technique inspire me the most, as do the ever changing colours of our beautiful country’s panorama.



Olaf Schneider is a husband, father of two, and grandfather of six.

Born in Toronto Canada, he moved to Connecticut in 2011 to be near family.

Olaf's first influence was by his grandfather, Hurbert Schult. He worked at Porsche in Stutgartt Germany, designing the 911 series. He inspired Olaf with his oil paintings at a very early age, allowing Olaf to experiment with acrylics.

For Olaf, each piece represents an intense exploration and refinement of his personal pictorial sensitivities, especially as they relate to beauty, form, light, and shade. Composition, color, and craftsmanship are all elements that become the building blocks of his work. Olaf is a prolific painter who is inspired by the power and diversity of the northern landscape, and anything that needs a "second look". An explorer by nature, he travels across North America and Europe to gain inspiration.

Mary Shaver


For as long as I remember, making art has been part of my life. I became a Roman Catholic nun at the age of sixteen, but left the order and that structure ten years later. At that time, I entered a period of great creativity and productivity.

A few years ago I began to revisit my own creative process in earnest, producing acrylic on canvas paintings and playful collages.

Paul Meiorin

Acrylic on Canvas and Recycled Board

My life and travels. Reflections documented in art.