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Press Release

Find yourself in the country, lose yourself in the art

Celebrate the last Sunday of summer at Schomberg's beloved Outdoor Street Gallery

Once the pride of towns everywhere, Vintage Ontario village centres are dwindling, as are the opportunities to enjoy them outdoors as summer ebbs to a close. However, on Sunday September 16th Schomberg's Main Street will radiate with even more charm than usual, as more than 40 local artists own the street for the Schomberg Street Gallery.

Along pedestrian friendly Main Street, a museum's worth of artistic disciplines can be enjoyed in minutes or savoured for hours: Hundreds of treasures will be on display, each joined by its creator, whose work had to win over a jury for the right to be part of the show.

Each piece is immediately ready to find a place in your home, and into your heart. Best of all, every booth presents a new opportunity for old-fashioned, small town conversation with the artist, residents and anyone else.

Admission is free, prices are reasonable, and cradling the Main Street gallery are the Village's equally captivating discoveries: cozy restaurants, coffee shops with gourmet home-baked goods and curated shops with country fare, all housed in lovingly maintained, 1800's-era buildings. The drive up or over winds through graceful farmland and raw Ontario beauty. With fall's paintbrush beginning to dot the tip-tops of trees, your Schomberg September Sunday promises to ease your mind and senses - only to delight them anew when you land on Main Street.