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Welcome to the first issue of The Rockley Report, a quarterly journal that publishes original material related to content management, including its goals, its implementation, the technology required to support it, and its affect on organizations. The Rockley Report focuses on the business perspective of content management, drawing on both research and practice. At The Rockley Group, we are passionately committed to discovering innovations in the field of content design and management, and we are just as passionate about sharing our research and about hearing from others what they are doing.

Feature Article

Planning: The Key to Successful CMS Implementation

So you think you need content management? The temptation is to call your Information Technology (IT) department and ask them to help you choose a content management system (CMS). Being very tool oriented, your IT department will love buying you the latest "silver bullet" without ever looking at your content requirements or your internal processes. This is the best prescription for failure.

Best Practices

Why start with analysis?

One of the most common mistakes that we see is a company picking the tool first, then trying to make their content management requirements fit the functionality of the tool. However, analysis of why projects fail identifies that one of the main reasons for failure is lack of analysis and design. This article draws on recent literature to identify the main reasons for why content management projects fail and provides some possible solutions.

Case Study

Developing Dynamic Content at Ontario Systems

Charles Cantrell, an Information Engineer describes Ontario Systems' process for delivering dynamically assembled and populated documentation for Artiva, its "highly customizable" accounts receivable management application.

Tools and Technology

What's the Best Content Management System? It Depends...

There are a dizzying number of systems on the market that are or can be referred to as Content Management Systems. Determining which content management system is right for you starts with an understanding of the different types of systems and the range of functionality available. Analyzing your needs is critical to selecting the right system.

Gaining Management Support

Identifying the Components of your ROI

Identifying ROI (return on investment) for your content management business case begins with a thorough analysis. This articles reviews the information you need to gather to identify ROI for an effective business case for content management.

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