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Pamela Kostur, Editor - The Rockley Report, The Rockley Group

Welcome to the first issue of The Rockley Report, a quarterly journal that publishes original material related to content management, including its goals, its implementation, the technology required to support it, and how it affects organizations. The Rockley Report focuses on the business perspective of content management, drawing on both research and practice. At The Rockley Group, we are passionately committed to discovering innovations in the field of content design and management, and we are just as passionate about sharing our research and about hearing from others what they are doing. Our goal in The Rockley Report is to continue the work we started with our book, Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy. We wrote the book in response to being asked, time and time again, “When are you going to write that book?” The Rockley Report is our response to the subsequent question, “So, what's next?”

In each issue, we will focus on a particular aspect of content management, providing you with research, best practices, and case studies to assist you with your content management projects. We'll also include articles on how to gain management support, what changes in roles and processes that content management often brings about (or should bring about), and we'll explain what's going on in the world of content management tools and technology. And, we'd like to invite you to share your stories with us. Our Call for Submissions tells you how you can submit articles for publication in future issues.

Our inaugural issue focuses specifically on our credo, that good content management must always begin with analysis and design. We kick off with a feature article by Judy Glick-Smith (President/CEO of The GlickSmith Group, Inc. and a newly-named Associate Fellow of the STC), in which she advocates that a content management implementation is a system development effort and should be managed as such, including doing a through analysis of processes and content before calling your IT department. Charles Cantrell (Information Engineer with Ontario Systems) provides proof of the benefits of analysis in a case study, in which he describes an initiative to develop and manage dynamic content for Artiva, Ontario Systems' accounts receivable management application. We continue our emphasis on analysis in articles that define Information Architecture and explore its relationship to content management; explain why selecting tools must begin with analysis; provide tips on building a business case for a content management project; and advocate usability in every phase of a content management implementation.

A regular feature you'll see in every issue of The Rockley Report is “In the News”, a survey of resources related to the theme of each particular issue. In this issue, we bring you several resources you may find valuable during the planning and analysis phases of a content management implementation.

We hope you enjoy this issue of The Rockley Report and welcome your feedback. Please send comments, as well as suggestions for stories in future issues to And now, we proudly bring you our first issue!

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