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It's all about reusing content

Reuse, reuse, reuse, reuse... content reuse is key to content management so it bears repeating repeating repeating. In fact, the desire to reuse their content is one of the main reasons organizations decide to move to a content management strategy. Content reuse means that you can write content once and use it wherever required, but it also means that you have to write content consistently so that it can be reused. This issue of The Rockley Report explores various aspects of content reuse including suggestions for maximizing content reuse, preparing content for reuse, and implementing content reuse. Suzanne Escoffier from Symantec opens this issue by showing us how a content reuse strategy can follow a tract housing model and Suzanne Mescan from Vasont Systems outlines how organizations can best leverage content reuse when working with structured content in a single-source component-level content management system. Ted Spencer, a Web Content Management Consultant, describes how to adapt traditional transactional web site designs to deliver html site flexibility and facilitate reuse across static and dynamic pages. Debbie Donahue describes how her team at Unisys implemented a modular writing approach and Steve Manning further describes some of the change management issues you need to consider when implementing a reuse strategy. Our Information Architecture column compares content reuse to building with Lego (TM) and as always, Scott Abel rounds out the issue with a look at some resources where you can learn more about content reuse.

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