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Scott Abel

Scott Abel is a freelance technical writing specialist and content management strategist whose strengths lie in helping organizations improve the way they author, maintain, publish and archive their information assets.

Debbie Donahue

Debbie Donahue is a project manager in the Information Development organization within Unisys Corporation. She has been in the technical writing field for 15 years. Debbie and other members of the Information Development team starting researching component-based authoring and content management systems more than 7 years ago. After building a business case and showing sound return on investment, the department purchased a CMS 2 years ago. Debbie was excited to take on the challenge of leading the CMS implementation. With the help of an excellent technical staff and a dedicated team of writers and editors, the implementation was a success. Debbie looks forward to the continued growth of the system.

Suzanne Escoffier

Suzanne Escoffier is a Senior Manager of Information Development at Symantec Corporation. In that capacity, she manages the development and delivery of all in-product user assistance materials for the Consumer product line. Prior to joining Symantec in 2000, Ms. Escoffier was President of mediamerge, Inc., a company specializing in documentation system design for small- to mid-size businesses. Ms. Escoffier has been active in the technical communications and multimedia fields for 20 years, publishing computer-based training, educational software, and help systems for both the Windows and Macintosh platforms.

Pamela Kostur

Pamela Kostur is a Principal with The Rockley Group, specializing in information analysis, information modeling, and structured writing to support a unified content strategy. Pamela has over 18 years experience developing information solutions. During that time Pamela has completed many projects and presented papers at numerous conferences on topics including iterative usability, miscommunication, structured writing, editorial "magic", building and managing intranets, creating usable online documentation, unified strategies for web-based learning, information modeling and analysis. Pamela is a co-author of Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy with Ann Rockley and Steve Manning.

Suzanne Mescan

Suzanne Mescan is Vasont Systems' ( Vice President of Marketing for its flagship Vasont software, a content management system. She has more than 18 years' experience in the information management and publishing fields. She may be contacted at

Ann Rockley

Ann Rockley is President of The Rockley Group, established to assist organizations in adopting content management, unified content strategies, and information architecture for content management. Ann has been instrumental in establishing the field in online documentation, single sourcing (content reuse), enterprise content management, and information architecture of content management. She is a frequent contributor to trade and industry publications and a featured speaker at numerous conferences in North America and Europe. Ann is the author of Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy with TRG Senior Consultants Pamela Kostur and Steve Manning.

Ted Spencer

Ted Spencer is an independent web applications consultant who specializes in integrating content management approaches into large scale web apps. His most recent experiences have been in the integration of the Oracle 10G XML repository to BroadVision and Weblogic. Ted has a broad technical lead background in the design and implementation of ERP, CRM, enterprise integration and CMS for web applications. He is presently using this experience to bridge the gap between content and application design within organizations.

Steve Manning

Steve Manning is a Principal with The Rockley Group and has over 16 years experience in the documentation field. He is a skilled developer of online documentation (WinHelp, HTML Help, Web sites, XML, and Lotus Notes) and has created single source production methodologies using key online tools. Steve has extensive experience in project management and has managed a number of multiple media, single source projects. Steve teaches "Enterprise Content Management" at the University of Toronto, and is a frequent speaker at conferences (ASIS, AUGI, STC, ACM SIGDOC, DIA) on the subject of XML and Content Management. Steve is a co-author of Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy with Ann Rockley and Pamela Kostur.

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