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This issue of The Rockley Report focuses on education and training, not just the education to help you learn about content management, but also, using education strategies to gain support for content management. Our feature article is an interview with Bob Boiko, author of the Content Management Bible and Associate Chair of the Masters of Science in Information Management (MSIM) program in the iSchool at the University of Washington. Bob shares his perspectives on content management education, including links to his materials at the University of Washington.

Feature Article

Perspectives on Content Management Education: An Interview with Bob Boiko

Bob Boiko wrote the bible on content management, literally. His Content Management Bible was first published in 2001 and its popularity generated a 2nd edition, hot off the presses in November 2004. Apparently, people are keen to learn about content management and rely on the Content Management Bible as an authoritative source. Bob Boiko is certainly a good person to learn from; he is currently President of Metatorial Services, Inc. ( and Associate Chair of the Masters of Science in Information Management (MSIM) program in the iSchool at the University of Washington ( Bob also helped found and is now serving as the first president of CM Professional (, a content management community of practice. For this issue, we turned to Bob for his perspectives on content management education.

Best Practices

Educate, educate, educate for successful content management

Education is a critical component of a successful content management implementation. Education can be as simple as ongoing communication to participants or as organized as formal training sessions. This article identifies who needs to know what to ensure a successful content management implementation.

Gaining Management Support

Applying a Pedagogical Model to Educating Management

When starting a content management project, you generally need support from key stakeholders within your organization. You will need to "educate" management about your project and your reasons behind your project, but to do so, you need to learn about their needs so you can present materials to them appropriately. This article suggests applying a pedagogical model to educating management. This approach may help you to gain support for your project initially, and keep managers informed throughout the project's various phases.

Tools and Technology

Teaching the New Art of Authoring in XML

Although XML has been around for years, the use of XML is far from mainstream for most technical writers. There needs to be grounding in the use of XML that goes beyond the programming syntax that is widely available in most XML courses. This article describes one such course the author developed, that combines concepts that are needed by developers of technical content, along with practical exercises and easily understood analogies to give the next generation of technical writers the basis they need.

In The News

Education: Courses available for you!!

If you're looking to learn about effectively managing content, look no further. In this issue of The Rockley Report, we highlight several educational resources you may find valuable in your quest for content management knowledge. We've created a short list of college and university classes and programs, trade association offerings, and a summary of our own Content Management Workshop Series for your review. We've included some useful links to other online resources that may assist you in finding educational opportunities.

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