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Perspectives on Education

This issue of The Rockley Report focuses on education and training, not just the education to help you learn about content management, but also, using education strategies to gain support for content management. Our feature article is an interview with Bob Boiko, author of the Content Management Bible and Associate Chair of the Masters of Science in Information Management (MSIM) program in the iSchool at the University of Washington. Bob shares his perspectives on content management education, including links to his materials at the University of Washington.

Other articles continue the focus on education:

  • "Educate, Educate, Educate for Successful Content Management" describes who needs to know what at the various phases of your content management implementation.
  • As XML grows in popularity, we're asked time and time again, "just how much XML do I have to know?" "XML: To Train or Not to Train" provides you with some guidelines.
  • If you do decide to learn about XML, our guest author Bill Albing has created a course on XML for Duke University's Continuing Education Program. He describes his approach in "Teaching the New Art of Authoring in XML".
  • Once you've decided you want to go ahead with content management, you usually need to get support from within your organization to do so. "Applying a Pedagogical Model to Educating Management" suggests using educational strategies to win your managers over!

And, as always, Scott Abel provides us with a look at goings on and valuable resources in the content management world, this time providing resources if content management education is on your training plan for the upcoming year.

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