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Scott Abel

Scott Abel is a freelance technical writing specialist and content management strategist whose strengths lie in helping organizations improve the way they author, maintain, publish and archive their information assets.

Peter Argondizzo

Peter Argondizzo is the Operations Manager for Argo Translation, Inc., a localization firm located in Glenview (Chicago), Illinois. The firm has been in business 11 years and specializes in technical documentation translation and software localization via the efficient use of translation memory technology.

Pamela Kostur

Pamela Kostur is a Principal with The Rockley Group, specializing in information analysis, information modeling, and structured writing to support a unified content strategy. Pamela has over 18 years experience developing information solutions. During that time Pamela has completed many projects and presented papers at numerous conferences on topics including iterative usability, miscommunication, structured writing, editorial "magic", building and managing intranets, creating usable online documentation, unified strategies for web-based learning, information modeling and analysis. Pamela is a co-author of Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy with Ann Rockley and Steve Manning.

Ben Martin

Ben Martin is recognized as the most knowledgeable authority in reuse of information across multiple languages. Martin joined Industrial Wisdom as a Partner in April 2004 and is focused on helping clients pioneer better ways of delivering content. Previously, as Vice President of Global Content Management for JD Edwards, he was responsible for the firm's documentation, help, training guides, courseware, and the translation of the documentation into seven languages and the software into 21 languages. Martin holds a Masters in Instructional Technology.

Hélène Keufgens

Hélène Keufgens is founding partner of Cogen, a language service provider which helps industrial and medical device manufacturers apply global content management workflows and language automation technologies to reduce the costs and timeframes of creating multilingual product documentation.

Steve Manning

Steve Manning is a Principal with The Rockley Group and has over 16 years experience in the documentation field. He is a skilled developer of online documentation (WinHelp, HTML Help, Web sites, XML, and Lotus Notes) and has created single source production methodologies using key online tools. Steve has extensive experience in project management and has managed a number of multiple media, single source projects. Steve teaches "Enterprise Content Management" at the University of Toronto, and is a frequent speaker at conferences (ASIS, AUGI, STC, ACM SIGDOC, DIA) on the subject of XML and Content Management. Steve is a co-author of Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy with Ann Rockley and Pamela Kostur.

Ann Rockley

Ann Rockley is President of The Rockley Group, Inc, a consultancy that has an international reputation for developing content management strategies with a focus on unified customer content and information architecture for content management. Rockley is a frequent contributor to trade and industry publications and a featured speaker at numerous conferences in North America and Europe. She has been instrumental in establishing the field in online documentation, single sourcing (content reuse), enterprise content management, and information architecture for content management. Rockley is President of Content Management Professionals, a member organization that fosters the sharing of content management information, practices, and strategies and led the organization to a coveted EContent 100 award in 2005. Rockley is a Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication and has a Master of Information Science. Rockley is the author of the best-selling book "Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy" with TRG Senior Consultants Pamela Kostur and Steve Manning, New Riders Publishing ISBN 0-7357-1306-5.

Tanya Stevenson

Tanya is the founder of Zation, a company that specializes in technical writing and localization services. Tanya has used AuthorIT full-time for four years. As the technical communicator for a software house that markets globally, she developed specialist knowledge in the area of localization. After implementing Localization Manager, Tanya managed the localization process of manuals and online Help files into 11 languages. Tanya successfully became a AuthorIT certified consultant in 2005. Tanya provides AuthorIT training and implementation support to clients in the greater Auckland region. She has a BA in English, Certificate in Journalism and Diploma of Teaching (Secondary). Tanya has a 12-year background in writing, editing and publishing.

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