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The Rockley Report publishes original material related to content management, including its goals, its implementation, the technology required to support it, and its affect on organizations. If you're interested in submitting to The Rockley Report, we'd like to hear from you. Please send us your ideas for articles in the following categories:

  • Best Practices — Articles in this category describe content management in the “ideal” world and suggest how to put those ideals into practice in the “real” world. Best practices focuses on exemplary methods that lead to superior performance as well as on strategies, activities, or approaches that have been shown through research and evaluation to be effective.
  • Information Architecture — Articles in this category explore the relationship between information architecture and content management, including topics such as building a blueprint for a content management strategy and content modeling.
  • Tools and Technology — Articles in this category investigate the technology required to support content management.
  • People, Processes, and Change — Articles in this category discuss management issues related to content management, such as changing roles and how to write content in a content management environment.
  • Gaining Management Support — Articles in this category provide strategies for helping management understand the benefits of content management, focusing on topics such as building a business case for content management and calculating ROI.
  • Case Studies — Case studies explore how companies are implementing content management and focus on what they did and why, their benefits, and their lessons learned.

If you have an story you'd like to submit, please write a 250–word description of your topic, the category you think it best fits, then send it, along with a 100–word bio, to Pamela Kostur at


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