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The next issue of The Rockley Report focuses on Education and Training and features Bob Boiko, author of the Content Management Bible and Director of the University of Washington iSchool CMS Evaluation Lab. He is also the president of the newly formed CM Professionals association. Bob's "alternative bio" found on his web site ( claims:

Over the last 12 years, I have been stuffing my head full of the design, programming, management, and content of content systems. From the first time I matched a printed user's guide against the capabilities of Windows 3.0 Help, to the last time I sat with a.COM client and discussed the impact of massive content management of the architecture of an eCommerce site, I have been living the transition from print to the computer screen. I've seen a ton of technologies and a slew of systems. I've learned enough to know that there is a lot to discuss and figure out. My thinking on what I have experienced has reached embryonic maturity and is now a book on the subject of content management. Now, I can finally explain to my company, clients, and friends what I have been babbling about all this time.

In our upcoming issue, Bob will get the opportunity to explain "what he's been babbling about" to our readers.

Being the Education and Training issue, we'll explore topics such as what new skills do you need when working in a CM environment, including:

  • To train or not to train. How much XML should you know?
  • What's happening in academia? Who's teaching content management?
  • A metadata primer

The next issue will be available to subscribers in mid December.

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