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We help you learn how to analyze and model content, design an information architecture, adopt appropriate best practices and standards, and ensure your staff are empowered to handle content management on their own.

We offer:

And if you would like to do the work on your own and have us review and guide you in the process we provide mentoring services.


Our consulting sessions and workshops are customized to your materials and with your goals in mind. You can also "mix and match" components to develop a fully customized offering. We'll help you determine the most effective solution for your requirements.


If you would like to do the work on your own or require assistance along the way as questions and issues arise, we can provide guidance. We can mentor you, ensuring you follow the right path, one that helps you avoid expensive mistakes. We can review your findings, examine your models, and evaluate vendor RFPs. We can act in an advisory capacity, answering questions when you have them. Our team of consultants can provide mentoring in:

  • Analysis
  • Business case development
  • Return on investment (ROI) calculation
  • Strategic planning
  • Design
  • Modeling
  • Structured writing
  • Tools selection
  • XML standards evaluation
  • Change management
  • Realignment of roles and responsibilities
  • And more!

Benefits of facilitated sessions

Facilitated sessions are completely customized to your needs with your content and with your issues and challenges in mind. You get experts to lead you through the process in the context of your requirements. And you don't just get training in techniques, you get real tangible results like specifications that form the basis of your solution. We help you to avoid the pitfalls and you get results in days that would normally have taken you months on your own. And you can train your whole team at a very reasonable cost.

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