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Struggling to create print books and eBooks? Becoming overwhelmed with the number of platforms (eReaders, tablets, and smartphones) that you are expected to support? The Rockley Group can help. We more than 15 years experience helping enterprises, colleges and universities, life sciences, member organizations and publishing organizations to publish content to multiple platforms (print, web, eReaders, tablets, smartphones).

But multi-platform distribution of content isn't just identical content on multiple platforms (e.g., the same content as print converted to a PDF on the web, or with a "Save as" conversion to EPUB), it is about content optimization for the platform. This means that it is necessary to identify content which is appropriate to the platform. For example, content destined for mobile is brief, concise, and chunked into small "bite-sized" pieces for small-screen viewing, while content for the web can be more verbose, and content for print even more so. There is a strong tendency for organizations to recreate content for each platform, but this comes at great expense (literally) to the organization. Content written once, but designed for multi-platform delivery is a requirement.

We've developed content strategies that reduce the cost and effort to produce multi-platform information products including marketing collateral, documentation, online help, customer support materials, regulated content, eLearning, trade press, textbooks, eBooks, enhanced eBooks, and eBook apps.

Key components of our digital publishing strategies

The key components of our digital publishing strategies include:

The Substantive Audit™

The Substantive Audit™ is an analysis and recommendations process. We examine your business requirements, your content lifecycle, and your content. We analyze how you create, manage, and deliver content so we can identify any issues associated with these processes. And we evaluate your content to determine how it is structured, to identify opportunities for content reuse, and to suggest ways to improve it.

For more information see The Substantive Audit™.


The Rockley Group has a well tested design methodology, the Unified Content Strategy™. The Unified Content Strategy enables you to create once and publish many. It provides the underlying concepts, best practices, guidelines and structure to enable you to rapidly design, build, test and deliver an effective multi-platform customer-centric content experience.

For more information see Design.


We help to ensure your project is implemented using industry best practices, proven and documented methodologies, and the tools and technologies that best meet your specific organizational needs.

For more information see Implementation.

Select Customers

High tech

Business Objects
Cisco Systems
Texas Instruments

Life sciences

Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield
BD Biosciences
Eli Lilly
Guidant Corporation
Johnson & Johnson
MDS Sciex


Bank of Canada
Citibank Canada
Deloitte & Touche
The Investment Funds Institute of Canada
OPSEU Pension Trust
Sun Life of Canada


Canadian Standards Association
Citizenship Immigration Canada
Environment Canada
Hudson's Bay Company
Purolator Courier
Sears Canada