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We help you to align you to develop your content strategy, optimize your content lifecycle, select the right technologies, and reach your goals.

The Substantive AuditTM forms the core of this process.

The Substantive Audit

The Substantive Audit is an analysis and recommendations process. During the analysis we examine your organizational business needs requirements, content life cycle processes, and content. We study how you create, manage and deliver your content and the issues associated with these processes. And we evaluate your content to determine how it is currently structured and identify opportunities for content reuse. Based on this analysis we'll provide a set of recommendations designed to lead you toward a unified content strategy. Our recommendations will empower you to optimize your content life cycle, take full advantage of content reuse, and select the right technologies.

The Substantive Audit consists of:

  • Organizational needs analysis
  • Content life cycle analysis
  • Content audit
  • Customer-needs analysis
  • Tools selection
  • Return on investment analysis

Organizational needs analysis

The organizational needs analysis identifies your business goals, isolates the problems you face, describes the challenges you'll need to overcome, and establishes success criteria and corrective actions needed to move your project forward. We help you discover content management opportunities, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and assist you in constructing a foundation on which to build success.

Content life cycle analysis

The content life cycle analysis identifies the problem areas associated with the creation, management, and delivery of your content. Identifying the problems up front helps you to determine the scope and functionality of your unified content strategy, establishes the criteria for selection of appropriate software tools, and defines the processes that must be redesigned or created from scratch in order to support your organizational needs.

Content audit

During the content audit we analyze how your content is currently used, reused, and delivered to its various audiences. We examine your content with a critical eye in order to locate opportunities for content reuse. The results uncovered during the audit allow us to recommend appropriate types of reuse, as well as strategies for accomplishing your project goals.

Optional components

Additional components of The Substantive Audit are also available. These include:

  • Customer-needs analysis
  • Tools selection
  • Return on investment analysis

Customer-needs analysis

The customer-needs analysis identifies the content requirements of your customers and recommends tactics that will help you develop a unified content strategy designed to meet those needs. This analysis consists of customer research and/or customer surveys.

Tools selection and report

Our Tools Report is designed to help you select the tools (e.g., authoring, content management, workflow and delivery) that best match your unique criteria. We combine the requirements identified in The Substantive Audit with our extensive vendor neutral selection criteria (developed over years of effectively evaluating and selecting appropriate technologies) in order to recommend tools that will best meet your needs.

Return on investment

The Return on Investment (ROI) report is designed to assist you in determining the potential return on investment for your organization. ROI is based on your key opportunities for savings as identified in The Substantive Audit and costs of both tools and implementation, as well as additional factors including design, training, and content conversion costs. This report serves as a key component of your business case.

Select Customers

High tech

Business Objects
Cisco Systems
Texas Instruments

Life sciences

Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield
BD Biosciences
Eli Lilly
Guidant Corporation
Johnson & Johnson
MDS Sciex


Bank of Canada
Citibank Canada
Deloitte & Touche
The Investment Funds Institute of Canada
OPSEU Pension Trust
Sun Life of Canada


Canadian Standards Association
Citizenship Immigration Canada
Environment Canada
Hudson's Bay Company
Purolator Courier
Sears Canada